Tallest manmade leaning tower
Montreal Olympic Stadium Tower
165 metre(s)
Canada (Montréal)

The tallest manmade leaning tower is the Montreal Olympic Stadium Tower, Montreal, Canada, which measures 165 m (541 ft 4.05 in) and has a curved angle of 45 degrees.
Completed in 1987, the tower is designed to support 75% of the weight of the roof of the main building. A funicular built on two levels rides the tower up the Observatory, located on the top three floors and where a panoramic view stretching up to 80 km in every direction is offered. Each ascension takes less than 2 minutes. Although originally designed to host the 1976 Olympic Games, the Montréal Tower and its Observatory were not completed until 10 years after. Only the top three floors are occupied, the remaining floors were empty as of 2010.

Pic: Alamy