Shortest stuntman
Kiran Shah
United Kingdom (London)

Kiran Shah (UK) (b. 28 September 1956) is the shortest professional stuntman currently working in films, standing 1 m 26.3 cm (4ft 1.7 in) when measured on 20 October 2003.

Having appeared in 52 movies since 1976, he has performed stunts in 31 of them, including being perspective stunt-double for Christopher Reeve (USA) in Superman (UK 1978) and Superman II (UK 1980) and more recently Elijah Wood (USA) in The Lord of the Rings (NZ/USA 2001 - 2003) trilogy.

A member of the British Equity Stunt Register, his career began when stunt arranger Bob Anderson (UK) asked him to stand in for a nine year old for the film Candleshoe (UK/USA 1977) starring David Niven (UK).

He was hired for the 1978 Superman movie as a “perspective stunt double”— Kiran was filmed against a small version of the set to make him look as tall as leading man Christopher Reeve!

Kiran was later taught by stuntman and Guinness World Record holder Vic Armstong (UK), to do high falls from a height of 9.14 m (30 ft) for his second film The People That Time Forgot (UK 1977).

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Posted by Guinness World Records on Friday, April 8, 2016