Oldest windsurfer (boardsailor)
Anastasia Gerolymatou
80:313 year(s):day(s)
Greece (Skala beach, Kefalonia)

The oldest windsurfer (boardsailor) is Anastasia Gerolymatou (Greece, b.16 October 1938), who was 80 years and 313 days old, as verified on 24 August 2019.

Anastasia was encouraged to apply for this record by her children and friends in Kefalonia, Greece, who were surprised to see her windsurfing. She hopes that achieving the record will show that age is not a barrier stopping people from achieving their dreams.

For Anastasia, windsurfing is an everyday hobby that brings her great joy. Her earliest memory of windsurfing was on a holiday in the Canary Islands where she saw people windsurfing and thought it looked incredibly liberating, as the surfers crossed waves and were free in the great ocean. Without consulting an instructor, she rented equipment and tried windsurfing by herself. To this day the experience of the wind on her face is an unforgettable feeling – something she calls her addiction.

Over the years she has had a few incidents where she went out too deep and the wind was not strong enough to get back, forcing her to swim the distance. She has also been picked up by boats on a few occasions after her equipment has failed.

Anastasia’s secret to a long and healthy life is being active and alive. Her average day consists of housekeeping and cooking, plus tending to her garden where she grows fruit and vegetables. She also has a vineyard and makes her own wine! Then in the afternoon when the wind picks up, she heads to the beach to windsurf.

Her advise for beginner windsurfers is to keep persisting. It can be difficult at first but that is not an excuse to give up. Once you master the skill it can be so rewarding. When asked what being a Guinness World Records title holder means to her, Anastasia said the following: “It is one gift that I want to give my grandchildren. I want them to be proud of their grandmother. I would like that to be a present to them, along with some of my windsurfing videos. It will also be great if that motivates other people, of any age, to start windsurfing or any other sport and enjoy life, just like I do.”