Oldest dance instructor
Ulla Kasics
95 years, 164 days year(s):day(s)
Switzerland (Zurich)

The oldest dance instructor is Ulla Kasics (Switzerland, b. 19 January 1926) who is 95 years and 164 days old, as verified in Zurich, Switzerland on 2 July 2021.

Since completing her dance studies with the famous expressive Dancer Palucca in Dresden during 1948, Ulla has been working as a dance and movement teacher ever since. First at the renowned Folkwangschule Essen, then in Switzerland.

In 1954, after giving birth to two sons, Ulla founded her own school where she is still teaching four days a week as a self-employed professional and will be doing so as long as her health allows it.

(Photo: © 2013 Martin Volken, Switzerland)