Most volunteer hours worked
Viola Cocran
77019 hour(s)
United States (Slidell)
The most volunteer hours worked is 77,019 and was achieved by Viola Cocran (USA) who volunteered at Slidell Memorial Hospital in Slidell, Louisiana, USA, since its opening in 1959 until her retirement on 31 March 2012, aged 89 years. Colleagues at the Slidell Memorial Hospital said that 'Viola Cocran is a wonderful example of what it means to "give back" to the community, and she gave so much to so many through her volunteer hours.' She 'will always be remembered as the volunteer that you could always count on for being there every day.' "Miss Viola" lobbied for the construction of the hospital in the 1950s. Her first official duty was to bring water to the hospital's first ever patient: a woman delivering a baby.