Most teeth at birth
Sean Keaney
12 total number
United Kingdom (Newbury,Berkshire)
Tooth enamel is the only part of the human body which basically remains unchanged throughout life; it is also the hardest substance in the body. The first deciduous or milk teeth normally appear in infants at 5-8 months, these being the upper and lower jaw first incisors.

There are many recorded examples of children born with teeth. Sean Keaney (UK) of Newbury, Berkshire was born on 10 April 1990 with 12 teeth. They were, however, extracted to prevent possible feeding problems. He grew his second full set of teeth at 18 months.

Molars usually appear at 24 months, but in Pindborg's case (published in Denmark in 1970), a 6-week premature baby was documented with eight teeth at birth with four in the molar region.