Most sovereign countries visited in six months
John Bougen, James Irving
167/15/39 day(s):hour(s):minute(s)
New Zealand ()
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John Bougen and James Irving (both New Zealand) visited 191 of the world's 193 sovereign countries in 167 days 15 hr 39 min from 28 August 2002 to 12 February 2003. Their journey, called All Nations Quest, was in support of the Save the Children charity. They also visited four other territories. They took 242 flights on 54 different aircraft types operated by 104 different airlines and visited 191 different airports. They spent a total of 586 hr and 15 min waiting in airports and a further spend 418 hr 51 min aloft. Their journey covered a total of 242,687 km (150,798 miles). The two countries they didn't visit were Afghanistan and Sao Tome. Their journey was initially an attempt to visit all the world's 193 sovereign countries - that's all 191 UN members plus Taiwan and the Vatican.