Most siblings to win the baseball World Series
Yadier Molina, José Molina, Bengie Molina
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Puerto Rico ()
The three Molina brothers, Bengie, José and Yadier (all Puerto Rico), have each won the baseball World Series, with Yadier Molina the most recent winner with the St Louis Cardinals in 2011. Yadier won his first World Series in 2006 with the St Louis Cardinals, following his older brothers' win in 2002 for the LA Angels. Between them the brothers, all three of whom are catchers, have won six World Series rings. Along with Yadier’s two wins of the Fall Classic with the St Louis Cardinals, José won in 2002 with the LA Angels and in 2009 with the New York Yankees. Along with the ring he won in 2002, Bengie Molina also received a ring after the San Francisco Giants triumph in 2010, despite being traded midway through the season to the team the Giants defeated in that year’s Fall Classic, the Texas Rangers.