Most neck ties worn at once
Ethan Bryce
320 total number
United States (Tucson)

The most neck ties worn at once is 320, achieved by Ethan Bryce (USA) in Tucson, Arizona, USA, on 31 March 2022.

Ethan was inspired to attempt a Guinness World Records title after watching every episode of Dude Perfect and seeing them set a number of records. Having worked as a service missionary for his Church and wearing a tie every day for 2 years, Ethan felt this was the perfect record for him.

After a few practice attempts he realised he would need help putting on the ties after a certain point. His wife helped him on the day. His biggest challenge was shallow breathing for around 40 minutes and managing the claustrophobic feeling caused by wearing so many ties.

On the prospect of achieving a record, Ethan said: "I would be so pumped to be a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder. Everyone knows about these records! Some people go to Harvard, others become professional athletes, but only one institution can truly qualify someone as the best in the world at something."