Most guest stars featured in an animated TV series
The Simpsons
810 total number
United States ()

With its 31st season airing in 2019–20, the longest-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons (FOX, USA), has featured more guests than any other television series to date, with 810 cameos as of 22 April 2020.

The famous dysfunctional family from Springfield started life as a series of animated shorts on variety show The Tracey Ullman Show (FOX, USA, 1987–90), first appearing on 17 April 1987. They proved so popular that they went on to get their own primetime series, which debuted on 17 December 1989.

The Simpsons has also picked up the most Emmy Awards for an animated series: 33 as of 18 September 2018.

Several guest stars have made repeat appearances in the series, but only the debut cameo is included here, i.e., each guest star is only counted once. One voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, initially appeared as a guest star during the 21st season but went on to become a regular member of the supporting cast in the 28th season.