Most expensive jigsaw puzzle sold at auction
Rachel Page Elliot
27.000 US dollar(s)
United States (Eisenhower Conference Centre,Gettysburg,Pennsylvania)

The record for the most expensive jigsaw puzzle sold for a charitable art auction to benefit a non-profit organization The Golden Retriever Foundation at a bid of $27.000 (£14.589). The hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle was custom made by Rachel Page Elliott (USA). The charity event was held at the Eisenhower Conference Centre, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA on 28 September 2005. At the time, Rachel Page Elliot was 92 years old. She has lectured around the world, and just updated her world-renown book and video on canine anatomical structure and movement. In puzzle circles, she has received national awards from her fellow puzzlers and is renowned for her detailed craftsmanship. The puzzle consist of 467 interlocking pieces, many cut in her unique designs of birds, cats, horses, and, of course, Golden Retrievers in various poses. It features a signed print entitled "The Outing" depicting a Golden Retriever female and five puppies playing in the grass. (A photo is available upon request).