Most expensive advertisement (commercial) on television
33000000 US dollar(s)
France ()
A four minute feature film made by director Baz Lurhmann (Australia) advertising Chanel No. 5 perfume is the world’s most expensive TV advertisement costing £18 million ($33 million) to produce. Starring Nicole Kidman (Australia) as a Marilyn Monroe-style actress who is pursued by paparazzi, the advert made its debut on the big screen in cinema’s throughout the USA on 1 November 2004 and subsequently premiered on USA television on 11 November 2004. Having made its initial debut on the big screen in the USA, the advert went on to be shown in cinemas and subsequently television screens throughout Australia, UK, France and the Netherlands from November 2004. The glamorous production awarded Nicole Kidman a fee of 2 million ($3.7 million) to appear and featured couture outfits by designer Karl Lagerfeld and a sound track by classical composer Debussy.