Most broken bones in a lifetime
Evel Knievel
433 total number
United States ()

Evel Knievel (USA, b. Robert Craig Knievel), the pioneer of motorcycle long jumping exhibitions, had suffered 433 bone fractures by end of 1975. In the winter of 1976 he was seriously injured during a televised attempt to jump a tank full of sharks at the Chicago Ampitheater. For the first time a bystander was also injured when a cameraman was struck and lost an eye. Knievel, who suffered brain concussion and two broken arms, decided to retire from major performances as a result. He, however continued to do smaller exhibitions around the country with his son Robbie, establishing him as his successor.

His abortive attempt to cross the 485 m (1,600 ft) wide and 180 m (600 ft) deep Snake River Canyon, Idaho, USA on 8 September 1974 in a rocket reputedly increased his lifetime earnings by US$6 million (then £2.54 million).