Most balls juggled
Alex Barron
11 total number
United Kingdom (London)

The most balls juggled is 11 and was achieved by Alex Barron (UK), who managed 23 consecutive catches in what is known as a "qualifying” juggling run.

This feat was achieved at Roehampton Squash Club, London, UK, on 3 April 2012.

Alex, 18 years old at the time of the attempt, spent 2 years practising this feat-a record which had not been broken for 16 years.

On the day in question, he spent 4 and a half hours in a squash court in his Easter holidays trying to reach his target. He was getting tired when he kept managing 7 runs of 21 catches when, finally, he achieved this number!

Alex also jointly holds the record for Most balls flashed by a juggler, although for his attempt he used beanbags, achieving one throw better than a twelve-ball flash, making a 13 bag flash.

Here he is practicing with 13 balls - watch this space to see if he betters his record: