Most America's Cup Individual appearances
Dennis Walter Conner
6 total number
Dennis Walter Conner (USA) (b. 16 Sep 1942) has been in more cup races as a member of the afterguard than any other sailor, six times since 1974, when he was starting helmsman with Ted Hood as skipper. He was winning skipper/helmsman in 1980, 1987 and 1989. he was losing skipper in 1983 and 1995. Bradley William Butterworth (NZL), OBE (b. 9th April 1959) won the Cup four times in succession as tactician, on the way setting a record of sixteen for the most consecutive races won without loss, before losing with the Alinghi team in 2010 to BMW Oracle. Charlie Barr (USA) (1864-1911) who defended in 1899, 1901 and 1903, Harold S. Vanderbilt (USA) (1884-1970) in 1930, 1934 and 1937; and Russell Coutts (NZL) (b. 1st March 1962) challenger in 1995, defender in 2000 and challenger in 2003, each steered the successful winner three times in succession.