Loudest scream by a crowd (indoors)
audience of FAMA's concert
131.6 decibel(s) (A-weighted)
China (hong kong,Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre)
The loudest scream by a crowd (indoors) is 131.6 dBA and was achieved by the audience of FAMA's concert at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong, China, on 6 September 2009. The event was organised by PrimeCredit Limited. There were about 1000 paricipants, who were the audience of a concert by FAMA. Among the participants, 60 people were especially invited by the organizer to be the core people for breaking the record. The 60 people were firemen, cheerleaders, Kungfu coaches, signers,etc,who had loud voices. The distance between the microphone of the sound measurement and the first line of the audience was 2.5 meters.The venues was a hall inside the center, which was 45 meters in diameter. The distance between the floor and the ceiling is 5 meters.