Longest-running RPG (role-playing game) videogame series

Longest-running RPG (role-playing game) videogame series
Dragon Quest
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05 March 2020

As of 05 March 2020, the longest-running RPG videogame series is the Dragon Quest series, at 33 years 123 days between its first and last releases.

The franchise's first game, Dragon Quest (Enix) was released on 27 May 1986, whilst the most recent game, Dragon Quest XI S (Square Enix), was released on 27 September 2019. The nearest rival, the Ultima series, had its first and last releases on June 1981 and 7 August 2013 - the latter of which, Ultima Forever, closed servers on 29 August 2014. No future game in the series has been subsequently announced.