Longest lasting AA alkaline (LR6) battery cell
Panasonic EVOLTA NEO
Japan ()

The longest lasting AA alkaline (LR6) battery cell is Panasonic EVOLTA NEO, produced by Panasonic Corporation (Japan), which achieved an approved performance index of 221.59, in tests performed by Intertek Semko AB, in Kista, Sweden, between 30 June to 29 July 2020. The performance index utilises the Minimum Average Discharge comparison criteria (established by the International Electrotechnical Commission) to determine the best average performance for a range of approved battery capacity tests. To achieve this record, EVOLTA NEO was tested against 9 other AA-size alkaline (LR6) battery competitors to the full battery utilisation test requirements of the published IEC protocol (IEC 60086-2).

EVOLTA NEO has been sold on the market since 26 April 2017