Longest cooked salami (cotto)
Fratelli Daturi snc
16.09 metre(s)
Italy (Stradella)
The longest cooked salami measures 16.09 m (52 ft 9.46 in) and was made by Fratelli Daturi snc (Italy), in Stradella, Italy, on 4 September 2011. The preparations started on 3 September 2011. 72 pieces of natural pig casings with a diameter of 14 cm (5.51 in) were hand-stitched together to create one single casing, a total of 190.4 kg (419 lb 12 oz) of different pork cuts, salt, pepper and spices were mixed and ground and the casing was then sacked with the help of a stuffer. On the following day, the salami was placed in a customized 17-m-long pan (55-ft) filled with water and cooked for 6 hours, then placed on a table, let to rest, measured, sliced and given to the public.