Longest beetroot
Joe Atherton
8.56 metre(s)
United Kingdom (Mansfield)

The longest beetroot was grown by Joe Atherton (UK) and measured 8.56 m (28 ft) when presented at The Grow Show: On Tour - a travelling showcase of gardening - during its visit to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, UK, on 26 September 2020.

The beetroot (Beta vulgaris) was measured by Medwyn Williams, president of the UK's National Vegetable Society (NVS) and an official NVS judge. The Grow Show: On Tour roadshow was sponsored by CANNA in response to the cancellation of the annual UK National Giant Vegetables Championship (usually held at the showground of the Malvern Autumn Show) because of the COVID-19 pandemic; the travelling roadshow allowed local growers to showcase their vegetables at three separate regional events that met strict COVID security measures, in Mansfield, Piddington in Oxfordshire and Angelsey in Wales.

As of October 2020, Atherton held records for the longest beetroot, carrot, radish, parsnip and turnip.