Largest serving of barbecued beef
Frigorífico General Pico , Municipalidad de General Pico
9,132 kilogram(s)
Argentina (GENERAL PICO)
The largest serving of barbecued beef is 13,713 kilos (30,231.99 lbs) of raw beef that converted into 9,132 kilos (20,132.61 lbs) of cooked beef and was achieved by Frigorífico General Pico and Municipalidad de General Pico at Predio Sociedad Rural de General Pico, in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina, on 20 March 2011. The 13,713 kilos of beef was donated by the Frigorífico Pico to celebrate their 30th birthday. It was consumed by 20,000 guests invited to the event. All invitees paid a small entrance fee of which a proportion was donated to a local charity.