Largest sausage coil
Udruženje Kobasicijada
3.97 metre(s)
Serbia (Turija)
The largest sausage coil measures 3.97 m (13 ft 0.3 in) in diameter and was created by Udruženje Kobasicijada (Serbia) in Turija, Serbia, on 23 February 2013. The uncooked sausage coil weighed approximately 340 Kg (750 lb) with a girth of 3 cm (1.18 in) and was made by 10 people headed by chef Miroslav Meduric (nicknamed: Cika). It took over 7 hours to boil the sausage coil to ensure that it was thoroughly cooked. Once cooked the sausage coil was estimated to weigh approximately 255 Kg( 562 lb) having lost 25% in the cooking process. The receipe is: pork, salt, pepper, mild & hot paprika.