Largest jumper (sweater)
Bayrampaşa Tekstilci ve Sanayici İş Adamlari Derneği
Türkiye (Istanbul,Bayrampasa)
The largest jumper/sweater has a chest measurement of 15.11 m (49 ft 6 in), a body length of 18.49 m (60 ft 7 in) and a sleeve length of 15.88 m (52 ft 1 in) and was made by Bayrampasa Tekstilci ve Sanayici Is Adamlari Dernegi (Turkey), in Istanbul, Turkey, on 8 February 2013. The sweater is 95% acrylic and 5% wool. It took 15 people 45 days to make. The horizontal length with the sleeves is 47.11 m (154 ft 6 in).