Largest fruit cake
Fabrizio Sepe
4353 kilogram(s)
Germany (Hodenhagen)

The largest fruit cake weighs 4,353 kg (9,596 lb 11 oz) and was achieved by Dr. Fabrizio Sepe (Italy) in Hodenhagen, Germany on 24 May 2014. The cake was made of strawberies, tangerines, peaches and ananas. A total of 440 trays were baked, 20 people worked 250 hours to prepare it. After the attempt the cake was distributed to the audience. Measurements: length: 12 m and width: 8 m. The record attempt was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the zoo.

Ingredients: 1,600 kg strawberries, 80 kg ananas, 100 kg tangerines, 120 kg peaches, 360 liters milk, 500 kg flour, 800 kg sugar, 50 kg gelatine (pie cast), 500 kg butter, 40 kg cream powder, 1,000 eggs, 100 kg oil, 5 kg baking powder.