Largest collection of mouse- and rat-related items
Christa Behmenburg
47,398 total number
Germany (Detmold)

The largest collection of mouse and rat-related items consists of 47,398 unique items and belongs to Christa Behmenburg (Germany). The collection was verified in Detmold, Germany, on 13 October 2014.

A retired librarian, Christa is the previous record holder who, as of 2004 had a total of 26,457 mouse and rat-related items. Her current collection is comprised of 4,125 books, 111 calendars, 965 stamps, 238 bookmarks, 3,585 greetings cards, 3,568 works of art, 146 mugs, not to mention 10,565 figurines (and that is not even the half of it)!