Largest collection of jigsaw puzzles
Luiza Figueiredo
1047 total number
Brazil (São Paulo)

The largest collection of jigsaw puzzles consists of 1,047 different sets, and was achieved by Luiza Figueiredo (Brazil) in São Paulo, São Paulo, in Brazil, on 9 July 2017.

Luiza Figueiredo started collecting jigsaw puzzles in 1967 and in 2010 she achieved her first world record with a collection of 238 jigsaw puzzles.

Later in 2012, she updated her collection and broke her own record with 502 jigsaw puzzles. In November of this same year, Georgina Gil-Lacuna from Philippines decided to attempted the record and presented a collection with 1,028 different sets.

However, Luiza Figueiredo was determinate, focused, and in 9 July of 2017 presented a collection of 1,047 different jigsaw puzzles, bringing the title back to Brazil.