Largest collection of fire helmets
Gert Souer
Netherlands (Haren,,In the attic of his house.)
The largest collection of fire helmets consists of 838 fire helmets and belongs to Gert Souer (Netherlands), in Haren, Netherlands, as of 9 February 2012. As the son and grandson of firemen, Mr Souer has firefighting in his DNA. His collection started in 1976 with a London Fire Brigade helmet and he has been collecting helmets from around the world ever since. He picks up new helmets as he travels the globe, either during his time in the navy, on business trips or on family holidays. The first thing he packs for a holiday is a fire helmet and the whole family knows that a trip to a fire station is on the agenda. He says he continues to meet firefighters who are enthusiastic and proud of their jobs and he regularly displays his collection at fire station open days.