Largest area covered by artificial snowfall
Snow Business
12462.78 square metre(s)
United Kingdom (Bond Street)
The largest area over which artificial snow fell continuously measured 12,462.78 m² (134,148 ft²), and was achieved by Snow Business International (Gloucestershire, UK) over Bond Street, London, UK to celebrate switching on the street's Christmas lights, on 23 November 2006. **Please make sure that it is listed as: 'Snow Business International' and NOT Snow Business (UK) as this is a different company.**

The length measured 903.1 m (2,963 ft), the width at the narrowest point 13.8 m (45 ft 3 in). In total, 40 machines used 200 litres (352 pints; 422 US pints) of fluid to produce the effect. The snow was eco-friendly, melted on impact with the ground and was made from seaweed.