First confirmed person to survive two nuclear attacks
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Japan ()

Tsutomu Yamaguchi (Japan, b. 16 March 1916) was in Hiroshima on a business trip on 6 August 1945, when a US B-29 aeroplane dropped the 12-15-kiloton "Little Boy" atomic bomb on the city, killing 140,000 people. Suffering burns to his upper body, Tsutomu managed to return to his hometown of Nagasaki on 8 August. The next day the US Army dropped "Fat Boy", a 20-22-kiloton bomb on the city, the first use of a plutonium weapon. Around 73,000 people died in the attack, but Tsutomu again managed to survive with minor injuries. In both cities he was within 3 km (1.8 miles) of ground zero.

He has written a book about his experiences and took part in a documentary film called Nijuuhibaku (Twice Bombed, Twice Survived). He died on 4 January 2010 as a result of stomach cancer.