Deepest cave
Veryovkina Cave
2,212 metre(s)
Georgia ()

In March 2018, a group of Russian speleologists – led by Pavel Demidov and Ilya Turbanov – descended to the bottom of the Veryovkina Cave in the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, north-west Georgia, recording a total depth of 2,212 metres (7,257 feet). The cave is situated in the karst landscape of the Arabika Massif, which is part of the Gagra mountain range. The scientists collected samples of a number of rare and even never-before-seen troglophilic species during the 12-day expedition.

This is only the second cave discovered to date with a depth exceeding 2 kilometres (1.2 miles).

The former holder of this record – the 2,197-metre (7,208-foot) Krubera Cave, explored on 10 August 2013 – is located in the same region of Georgia.