Longest-running comic based on a videogame
Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie Comics)
290 total number
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The longest-running comic series based on a videogame character is the US comic Sonic the Hedgehog, published by Archie Comics. It first appeared in July 1993 and its 290th - and last - edition was printed on 28 December 2016. In addition to the main series, Archie Comics has released a number of spin-off titles and publications over the years, the longest-running of which is "Sonic Universe", which published its first edition in February 2009.

On 19 July 2017 SEGA announced the ending of their partnership with Archie Comics, thus bringing an official end to the series. An unofficial webcomic continuation exists however, with dedicated fans continuing the various stories and continuities of the printed comic series.