Largest cricket bat
Classic Mall Development Company Limited
15.627 metre(s)
India (Chennai)

The largest cricket bat is 15.62 m (51 ft 3 in) long, and was achieved by Classic Mall Development Company Limited (India) at Palladium & Phoenix Marketcity, in Chennai, India, on 14 June 2019.

The bat was made of poplar willow and is an exact scaled up version of a regular bat. The bat was designed and produced by Surreal Design Studio for Palladium & Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai, India. Kapil Dev was present to inaugurate the bat to the public.

The length and width of the blade bat is 10.26 m ( 33 ft 7 in) and 0.21 m (2.58 in) and the length of the handle is 5.36 m (17 ft 7 in).