First deaf person to climb Everest (IH2)
Satoshi Tamura
/ first
Nepal ()

Deaf alpine skier and orienteer Satoshi Tamura (Japan, b. 1965), who has competed at three Deaflympic Games (1999, 2003, 2013), reached the summit of Mount Everest (aka Sagarmāthā; Chomolungma) at 07.15 local time on 21 May 2016, having climbed the world's highest mountain (8,848.8 m; 29,031 ft) from the north side.

Tamura asserts that he is also the first deaf person to climb an 8000er (i.e., one of the 14 mountains on Earth that stand more than 8,000 m above sea level): he scaled the 8,188-m-high (26,864-ft) Cho Oyu in the Himalayas in October 2007.

This was Tamura's third attempt in as many years to climb Everest; the expedition had to be abandoned in May 2014 due to strong winds and in April 2015 because the Chinese government ended the climbing season as a precaution after a tremor was detected.

He competed in several alpine skiing events at the winter editions of the Deaflympics at Davos 1999 and Sundsvall 2003, before switching to orienteering in the summer Games at Sofia 2013.