Most popular children's educational programme
United States (New York)

Sesame Street (PBS, USA), produced since 10 November 1969 by the Children's Television Workshop, New York, USA is sold to 143 countries including Cambodia, Nepal and Egypt. It has won over 100 awards, including 91 Emmys (as of 2004).

Sesame Workshop and Sesame Street were created as an "experiment" in 1968, and the show debuted on November 10, 1969. The series was designed to use the medium of television to reach and teach preschoolers, and give them skills that would provide a successful transition from home to school. Everything about the series was a departure from previous children's television programming—from its format to its focus on disadvantaged inner city children, to the way it combined education and entertainment. Sesame Street was—and continues to be—the most thoroughly researched and tested television show ever produced, and has received the most Emmys in television history.