Longest survival out of water for a fish

Longest survival out of water for a fish
01 January 0001
Six species of lungfish (Lepidosirenidae, Protopteridae and Ceratodidae) live in freshwater swamps that frequently dry out for months or even years at a time. Two of the four species found in Africa (Protopterus annectens, P. aethiopicus, P. dolloi, and P. amphibiusall all of which belong to Protopteridae) are considered to be the real experts. As the water recedes, they burrow deep into the ground and secrete mucus to form a moisture-saving cocoon around their bodies. They then build a porous mud plug at the entrance of the burrow - and wait. Abandoning gill breathing in favour of their air-breathing lungs, they can live for up to four years in this dormant position.