Most valuable sports club NFT
Manchester City
47,130,472 US dollar(s)
United Kingdom ()

The fan tokens minted by Manchester City (UK) are the most valuable NFTs among sports clubs. As of 24 March 2022, they had a combined value of $47,130,472. As of the same date, the top NFT-owning football clubs in the world had a total market cap of over 334 million dollars in tokens.

Fan tokens are a cryptocurrency variant in which ownership of a token (effectively the same as a "coin" in a currency such as Bitcoin) confers certain perks for fans of a specific sports team. These perks can be things like voting rights on matchday music choices, stadium decorations and other public-facing details. The tokens can be thought of as similar to shares in a company, albeit shares that do not confer any ownership of the club itself, and the value of these tokens is indicative of the level of demand for them (whether that's for the perks or simply as investment assets).

Teams representing a variety of sports – everything from football to motor racing and, unsurprisingly, eSports – have minted fan tokens, most of which are administered by a company called Socios. Currently, only football clubs have demonstrated any meaningful traction.

The values of these tokens have declined significantly since their all-time high in the autumn of 2021, when the market capitalization of the Paris-Saint-Germain token reached $76.19 million.