Highest engagement in music (listening hours per week)
18.4 hour(s)
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Based on research conducted by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) across 21 of the world’s leading music markets and published in its Engaging with Music 2021 report, people are listening to 18.4 hours of music (the equivalent of 368 three-minute tracks) weekly. The report confirms that consumers are enjoying more music today than ever before, and engaging with it in more ways “as labels’ innovation drives excitement and diversity”. While subscription audio streaming (23%) and video streaming (22%) lead the way, the rise of short-form video apps (such as TikTok and Triller) were cited by 11% of listeners. Furthermore, across the survey’s 43,000 respondents, more than 300 different genres were named by at least one person as the music they typically listen to – from axé (Brazil), Carnatic (India) and gqom (South Africa) to K-trot (South Korea), black metal (Sweden) and shisha rap (Russia).

The IFPI report confirms that engagement with music increased from 18 hours (360 three-minute tracks) in 2019 to 18.4 hours in 2021.

Other highlights of the Engaging with Music 2021 report: engagement with music on the radio (16%; includes live broadcasts, internet radio, etc.); purchased music (9%; CDs, vinyl, downloads, etc.); live music (2%; includes livestreaming). Listening via audio streaming rose 51% in 2021; 87% of people said that music had provided joy and happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic; 68% of listeners aged 16-19 said that new releases from their favourite artists had helped them during the pandemic.