Oldest living harbour porpoise in captivity
Fjord and Baelt in Kerteminde
28 years year(s):day(s)
Denmark (Kerteminde)

The oldest living harbour porpoise in captivity is Freja, who is at least 26 years old, as verified in Kertemide, Denmark, on 8 June 2023.

On April 7,1997, a 2-year-old female harbour porpoise was caught in a fixed purse-seine net off the Danish coast. She was given the name Freja and was brought to the Fjord and Bælt in Kerteminde. Her age was determined by her length and the attending porpoise biologists and veterinarians predicted that she was around 2 years old. This means Freja could in fact be nearer 28.

Through research and public education over these last 25 years, Freja has contributed to diverse fields of conservation biology that have not just improved the welfare of wild porpoises, but of other cetacean species as well. She has participated in research that has resulted in almost 100 scientific articles.