Largest collection of Pokémon cards
Jens Ishøy Prehn, Per Ishøy Nielsen
32,809 total number
Denmark (Niverød)

The largest collection of Pokémon cards consists of 32,809 cards and was achieved by Jens Ishøy Prehn and Per Ishøy Nielsen (both Denmark), in Niverød, Denmark, on 13 September 2021.

Jens and Per are two brothers who have dedicated their lives to their joint family collection of Pokémon cards.

From the first introduction of Pokémon in Denmark, the brothers were excited about the creatures being cute, strong and cool - something that differed immensely from other toys on the market at the time.

Due to the broad variety of Pokémon items, such as the TV show, console games and trading cards, the pair were quickly immersed in the rich world of Pokémon and decided to start a joint brotherly collection.

The first item in their collection was the Venusaur card from Base Set.

"Of course we got other cards along with it, as the cards came in packs of 11, but this card was the first that came to both of our minds", they added.

The two Gym sets have many of their absolute favourite cards. The explained that one that stands out among them is Gym Challenge #16/132 Sabrina’s Alakazam.

When asked which card means the most to them, they explained while many cards are special to them for different reasons, there is one that it would be especially painful to exchange with a similar card: A 1st Edition Vaporeon from the Jungle set graded as perfect from PSA that Jens gifted Per when Per graduated high school.

We also asked them if there was any item that had evaded their collection and that they wish they could get their hands on:

"Each year at the Pokémon World Championships, the winning trainers are awarded a Pikachu card. Naturally, these are very rare, and are often sold off at the event. As such, we have never managed to get our hands on one, and would love to add one to our collection."