Fastest time to eat 50 Facing Heaven chilli peppers
Tang Shuaihui
68 seconds second(s)
China (Tanhe Ancient City)

The fastest time to eat 50 Facing Heaven chilli peppers (Capsicum annuum var. conoides 'Chao Tian Jiao', 30,000-50,000 Scoville Heat Units) is 68 seconds, achieved by Tang Shuaihui (China) at The Feast of Fire and Ice Festival, held in Tanhe Ancient City, Ningxiang, Hunan Province, China, on 8 July 2018.

Contestants at this event competed while bathing in a pool of water measuring 30 x 15 m (100 x 50 ft) filled with 3 tonnes (6,600 lb) of less spicy chilli peppers from several locally grown varieties. In addition to winning the title of "Tanhe Chilli King", Tang took home a 3-g (0.1-oz) 24-karat gold coin.Facing Heaven chillies, aka Chao Tian Jiao, are a medium-hot variety on a par with Tabasco peppers in terms of Scoville Heat Units. They are native to South America but cultivated in China, where they are a common ingredient in Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. Unlike most other chilli peppers, the fruits of this variety grow upwards, pointing to the sky, hence the common name used for the cultivar in China.