Fastest 5 m backwards by a dog
Ana Odak
2.42 second(s) second(s)
Croatia (Zagreb)

The fastest 5 m backwards by a dog is 2.42 seconds and was achieved by Kota and Ana Odak (Croatia), in Zagreb, Croatia, on 10 June 2020.

Ana has been working in dog training for fifteen years and had been wanting to do something amazing for a while, so she decided to take the leap and make this record attempt with her dog, Kota, who is a Border Collie. It was actually also Kota's 10th birthday around the time of the attempt, so this Guinness World Records title is an extra special birthday gift for Kota!

Ana decided to do this attempt as Kota really enjoys the "go back" trick. Kota also enjoys the tricks "play dead" and "shy".

The duo practised for the attempt for a month, around once or twice a week. Ana used Kota's favourite toys to train her, and would mix up the distances to 2 metres, sometimes 10 metres. Kota was very quick to understand what was happening and is a smart cookie, so keeping the training varied was key to keeping her engaged.

As well as being smart, Ana also describes Kota as 'one really cool female'. Kota is strong and has a strong worth ethic, as well as loving tricks. Kota has also previously acted in movies and commercials and loves being on stage. A true spotlight queen!

Kota also works as a therapy dog and adores children and elderly people and entertains them with her tricks and doggy dancing!

When Kota isn't working, she loves to eat and go swimming - these are her absolute favourite activities. But most of all, she loves being by Ana's side.

Being a Guinness World Records title holder with Kota is a dream come true for Ana: "it would be the best thing we did together!"

Congratulations to Ana and Kota on being Officially Amazing!