Fastest response time (punch)
Pekka Luodeslampi
0.186 second(s)
Finland (Vantaa)

The fastest response time (punch) is 0.186 seconds and was achieved by Pekka Luodeslampi (Finland), in Vantaa, Finland, on 27 May 2020.

Boxing is Pekka's favorite hobby so this Guinness World Records title was perfect for him. "I do punch with flabbergasting momentum", he adds!

Pekka has been open about his central nervous system developmental disorder. His specific case is not currently widely known in modern medicine.

"It causes Tourette Syndrome among other things. In essence it is absolute hyperactivity of nervous system to borderline 'superhuman' level," he explains.

His fine motor functions and perception are among the things affected, but by lots of physical training, Pekka was able to overcome these challenges.

"By realising that since that I am functioning in constant impulse storm, I started to speculate would it super charge my reaction time also, I knew I am fast to react but how quick... In 2019 the journey was set in motion".

Pekka did have to do some training; a combination of spiritual, mental and physical, with low and high intensity.

There were some challenges on the day, however: a keen eye to see the light on the device is required, but was hindered slightly by the sunlight and various hindering angles!

Pekka hopes to be a beacon of hope for those who are battling personal challenges:

"Every person has their road full of obstacles and challenges to face. You ether fall down or go through them." Pekka is a shining example that whatever challenges you face, you can overcome them!