Fastest journey by plane through all 48 contiguous US states (team)
Barry Behnfeldt, Aaron Wilson, Thomas Twiddy, Ethan Mathias, Brian Helberg, Thomas Hornish, Thomas Parker, Brady Muth, Russell Borstelman, Marlowe Witt, Roger Bischoff
1:20:13 day(s):hour(s):minute(s)
United States ()
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The fastest journey by plane through all 48 contiguous US states (team) is 1 day 20 hr 13 min, achieved by Barry Behnfeldt and Aaron Wilson (both USA) in Oregon, USA, from 5 to 6 June 2023.

The record attempt began at C20 Michigan, but planning commenced some six months prior to the journey itself.

Barry and Aaron took turns piloting, but the full team involved in the successful attempt was made up of:

  • Barry Behnfeldt, United States
  • Aaron Wilson, United States
  • Thomas Twiddy, United States
  • Ethan Mathias, United States
  • Brian Helberg, United States
  • Thomas Hornish, United States
  • Thomas Parker, United States
  • Brady Muth, United States
  • Russell Borstelman, United States
  • Marlowe Witt, United States
  • Roger Bischoff, United States