Oldest person to row the Atlantic from continental Europe
John Wilson
58:27 year(s):day(s)
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The oldest person to row from continental Europe across the Atlantic is John Wilson (UK, b. 21 October 1960), who was 58 years 27 days old when he embarked with teammate Ricky Reina (UK) on their journey from Cadiz in Spain to Antigua in the Caribbean on 27 November 2018. The pair rowed as team "Atlantic Avengers" on board Sic Parvis Magna and arrived on 23 February 2019, completing their 3,150-nautical-mile (5,833-km; 3,624-mile) adventure in 88 days 9 hours 22 minutes at an average speed of 1.485 knots (1.708 mph; 2.750 km/h) – also a record for the fastest time on this route.

Wilson and Reina are the first pair to row the Atlantic from continental Europe to South America. They are also the oldest team to row this route – at an average age of 52 years 228 days – and Wilson, at 58 years 27 days old at the start, is the oldest individual.

Their boat Sic Parvis Magna takes its name from the Latin motto of the explorer Sir Francis Drake (1540–1596) and means "Greatness Comes from Small Things"