Largest soap bubble net
Chloe Ferguson, Stuart Ferguson
28.635 square metre(s)
Guernsey ()

The largest soap bubble net is 28.635 square metres, and was achieved by Chloe Ferguson and Stuart Ferguson (both Guernsey) in St Sampsons, Guernsey, on 7 May 2022.

Chloe has been making her own bubble equipment for a while and upon seeing the previous record, she knew she would be able to achieve she did!

Planning didn't take long as she just made sure she was following the set guidelines. She wanted the net to be the length of her open plan living/dining room. Altogether, the process took around 36 hours to complete over the space of several months. She explains that the net making process was relatively easy as she already knew how to make them. The issue was finding poles that could hold the sheer weight and to actually be tall enough to lift the net off the ground.

On the day of the day attempt, the weather was quite windy which made it harder to show that the bubble net was functional. It took a few attempts and in hindsight, she would choose different poles and create a platform so she was higher off the ground. Chloe had moral support from her husband throughout the process. She also had the help of Marquis Surveys who she says were lovely and offered surveying which is difficult to find coming from such a small island.

When asked about what the future holds, Chloe says "There are a lot of bubble records that I would love to attempt in the future! I'm also very interested in the longest garland wand."

"[Having a GWR title] would mean the WORLD to me! To achieve an accolade for what I love doing and knowing what I created is the biggest in the world would be a truly amazing feat."