Longest slackline walk (ISA-verified)
Julien Roux, Augustin Moinat, Arthur Lefebvre, Benoît Brume, Mattis Reisner, Joseph Premoselli, Tania Monier, Mia Noblet
2710 metre(s)
France (Mont-Dore)

The longest slackline walk – and also the longest highline – is 2,710 m (8,943 ft) long and was walked by Julien Roux (France), Augustin Moinat (France), Arthur Lefebvre (France), Benoît Brume (France), Mattis Reisner (Germany), Joseph Premoselli (France), Tania Monier (France) and Mia Noblet (Canada) on 3 August 2022. The line was rigged 290 m (965 ft) between the Puy de l'Angle and Roc de Cuzeau peaks by the city of Mont Dore in France. The athletes wore a safety harness. This record is monitored by the International Slackline Association (ISA).