First YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers
Lucas Cruikshank
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In April 2009, Lucas Cruikshank (USA) became the first YouTuber to have a million subscribers for his channel Fred. It is named after the character of Fred Figglehorn, which Cruikshank had developed. Fred is a six-year-old boy with a high-pitched voice, who is prone to angry outbursts and lives in a dysfunctional family. The first episode in the series, "Fred on Halloween", was uploaded to YouTube on 30 October 2006. It was enthusiastically received, prompting Cruikshank to set up the Fred channel on 30 April 2008.

The Fred channel did not remain the most subscribed YouTube channel for very long. In August 2009, it was overtaken by Ryan Higa's and Sean Fujiyoshi's channel Nigahiga.