Largest LEGO® brick diorama
Stephane Grosmangin
30.66 square metre(s)
France (Thillombois)

The largest LEGO® brick diorama is 30.66 m² (330 ft² 3 in²), and was achieved by Stephane Grosmangin (France) in Thillombois, Lorraine, France, on 21 November 2021.

Stephane has been building the diorama for over 8 years! Some of the design is based on real attractions that exist near his home and some is based on imagination but with inspiration from existing attractions. All of the bricks that he used came from his own personal collection and has been accumulated since childhood. Nowadays, he will buy bricks on different auction and flea market sites.

He is a self-taught builder mainly taking inspiration from real photos. He enjoys looking at the different construction techniques and aspires to design his own mechanisms. For the construction of the diorama, he experienced zero issues, as everything was organised beforehand with logistics that he uses when exhibiting his diorama at different Lego events.

Stephane is currently building a circus which he believes could set another record. This is currently around 16 m² (172 ft² 22 in²) and he has plans to expand it further.

He says that this title means a lot to him as it's a recognition of his hard work and passion. He loves sharing his projects via social media and as of now, he has 6000 followers who admire his collection. Stephane is honoured to be able to show the world that with a simple brick, we can create our own universe!