First Crufts Best in Show champion
Herbert Whitley, Primley Sceptre
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United Kingdom ()

The first championship winner at Crufts Dog Show in the UK was The Sable Mite, a Pomeranian owned by Vale Nicholas. This win took place in 1905, at which time the winner was awarded the title of Best Champion. The title Best in Show (BIS) was not instigated until 1928, when it was won by Primeley Sceptre, a Greyhound owned by Herbert Whitley. The Sable Mite won Best Champion again in 1907, the only dog to win this Crufts title twice.

When the BIS winner title was instigated at Crufts in 1928, the winning owner/breeder received a sterling silver, gold gilt, 10-inch repousse rose bowl, decorated in flowers on a circular base. Previously, the Best Champion title was awarded between 1905 and 1914, with the winning owner/breeder winning an antique silver cup worth 5 guineas, after which, due initially to the onset of World War I, Crufts did not stage another show until 1928, when BIS replaced Best Champion.