First playable jigsaw vinyl
Sugar Coat
first first
United Kingdom (London)

In September 2016, UK newcomers Sugar Coat released a 7-inch vinyl version of "Me Instead" as a playable jigsaw, showing a crowded supermarket scene. It was one of a set of 35 designs released by the London-based trio to mark the release of their debut single; other one-off pressings included mirror and faux-fur designs, while another disc was sprinkled with coal dust from South Yorkshire's Orgreave mines, in tribute to those involved in the "Battle of Orgreave" riots on 18 June 1984. The jigsaw and the 34 other discs were the brainchild of Cameron Allen from Finland's Royal Mint Records. Sugar Coat, who are reported to have met in A&E at a hospital in Lewisham, consist of Sugar Quinn, Pylon King and Billy Brentford Reeves.